Three pillars

The Deltaplan Dementie was based on three pillars and an extensive program was implemented within each pillar: the Memorabel research program, the Dementiezorg voor elkaar program to improve care and support and the campaign Samen dementievriendelijk.



Memorable is the research and development program of the Delta Plan for Dementia. The program started in 2013 and was carried out by ZonMw. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport contributed 65 million euros to the program. Private parties contributed about 16 million, of which Alzheimer Nederland was responsible for the largest part (12.5 million euros).


In recent years, no fewer than 120 national research projects have been established in two four-year phases. And on top of that, another 53 international studies in the context of the JPND, the EU's joint research program. Memorabel had four themes: 1) Origin and mechanism of the disease, 2) Diagnosis, 3) Prevention and treatment 4) Effective care and support.


The Memorabel program considers cooperation to be of paramount importance. For example, an average of four organizations worked together in each research project. The program itself was developed and implemented in close collaboration with many parties in this research field. Through focus groups of Alzheimer Nederland, 230 patients and informal carers were involved in the assessment of research proposals.



Dementiezorg voor Elkaar

This was the program to improve the practice of dementia care and support in the Netherlands. It stimulated care and support for people with dementia who live at home to be tailored even more to their personal environment.

The program amounted to 6 million euros. It started in 2017 and was completed at the end of 2020. The program was implemented by a consortium consisting of Movisie, Nivel, Pharos, Trimbos Institute and Vilans.


In four years' time Dementiezorg voor Elkaar has made significant progress. About 200 advisory processes were carried out, more than 100 knowledge products were delivered, a Register for Dementia Care and Support was established and a new widely supported new Dementia Care Standard. Collecting and sharing knowledge was a common thread through the program. In short, an enormous yield and a solid basis for the future.



Samen dementievriendelijk

In May 2016, this program was launched. The program wants to offer Dutch people tools to deal effectively with dementia. By creating more awareness about the impact of dementia, by making dementia a topic of discussion and by increasing knowledge.


The program was implemented by Alzheimer Nederland and PGGM in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, which made 10 million euros available for the first five years.


At the start of the program, the ambition was to get 300,000 people to register as "dementia-friendly". This target has been amply achieved. At the end of 2020, the counter was already close to 410,000 dementia friends and this number is increasing every day.


The program is not only limited to the general public, but also focuses on specific professional groups: from taxi drivers and home care workers to supermarket and catering staff. That is why 12 online training courses for specific professions have been developed.


Samen dementievriendelijk will also be continued after 2020 by Alzheimer Nederland.