Deltaplan Dementie

The cooperative Deltaplan for Dementia is the Dutch national platform to address and manage the growing problem of dementia. Together with our member organisations in the field of science, research, healthcare institutions, patient organisation, healthcare insurance, education and business, we aim for better lives for people with dementia and their families and to create a barrier against the effects of dementia.

Deriving its name from the Dutch water works that protects a large area of land from the sea, 'Deltaplan Dementie' works closely together with private and public members based on three important pillars; research, healthcare/support and a dementia friendly society.


Next to our national strategy Deltaplan Dementie aims to focus on international collaboration. As a cooperation we strongly believe in international collaboration to tackle this world-wide challenge and growing problem.


Deltaplan Dementie:

  • is an eight-year programme (2013 – 2020)
  • of 85 million euros so far
  • has a special dementia research and innovation programme, currently working on over hundred different researchprojects
  • aims to focus on Improvement of Health Care to ensure that patients of today can continue to live at home as long as possible, supported by appropriate professional and informal care
  • also aims to stimulate a society that is more dementia friendly